You get all the wonderful surprises of the one-month subscription AND you get a five dollar discount off of the full three months. This takes the total cost from $90 to $85.

Our six-month subscription is when you really enhance your Steam Chest experience. Every month you will receive everything listed in the one-month description. Additionally, during your six-month subscription, we will provide you a Steam Chest that will stand out higher than the rest. This box will include something a little more amazing- always a surprise, but this our special gift to subscribers who put their trust and money into our wares.

Our twelve-month subscription is the best investment you can make while in the Steampunk community. Not only do you ensure that you receive a year-long supply of Steampunk music, books, teas, trinkets and baubles (as listed in the one-month subscription), but we will also upgrade TWO of your Steam Chests with additional goodies. On top of that you receive a whopping $20 off your total order. A deal could not be sweeter.

Secure your Steam Chest Box before next month!
Order forms close and charge on the 5th of the month
Custom artwork is often being created just for you!
Because of this, orders will arrive within 3 to 5 weeks